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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

Language and Logic

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Democracy Watch: Less than a quarter of eligible voters supported Libs

Democracy Watch: Less than a quarter of eligible voters supported Libs

Single Transferable Vote Better A System - Must break money, party monopolies

Reasonable, Sincere Public Discourse is an act of Public Service.
The defense of our relatively free society is the primary responsibility of the state.
The arsenal of democracy should never be surrendered. Lest we Forget.

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