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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

Language and Logic

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chinese Firm Huawei In Control of UK Net Filters

Why not run as a state operation or contract to a domestic firm?
Why are UK politicians handing over control of the internet to the communists?
It's obvious that the politicians are corrupt.

Solution: develop checks and balances that prevent corrupt politicians from damaging the national security interests of democracy. Politicians should not be allowed to sell out their country.       
We need to develop systems that automatically deal with politicians who work for the enemy.
No sane patriot would hand over assets to the communists, not for anything, no surrender.
The people need to organize in support of democratic state sovereignty and security.

Irresponsible traitors will try to bring down our free society and all it has accomplished from within, the people must support the state, and the state must support the people. A symbiotic relationship.

Society is worth preserving, our freedom and the peace that it underpins are not to be cast aside.
Under no circumstance are politicians justified in selling off control to foreign totalitarian regimes. 

The only reason you have rights, the only reason you have democracy is because of the people in the security services and military who volunteer to risk their lives to protect your constitutional rights. If we did not have forces to defend our state security we would not have a state, and with no state we would not be guaranteed constitutional freedom, or a vote, or any sort of basic security.

I very much doubt that MI6 would approve of handing over the keys to the intelligence store to a company founded by a highly placed Chinese Communist military officer. The problem is that the corrupt and incompetent politicians do not listen to the state funded advice provided to them, and in so doing disregard the national security interests of the people. Political re-adjustment is both possible and necessary. Just as the constitution acts as parameters for political action, the national security rights of the public should be enshrined in some kind of parameter that would prevent politicians from betraying state security. If we have freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom to vote, freedom of the press, and general freedom of conscience,  than why do we not have freedom from politicians who sell out national security. Security is the ultimate freedom in that it underpins all else.

Democracy will only last so long as the security services can guarantee its continued existence.
Support the troops, and when you vote, vote to give our lads a fighting chance.
Chinese Firm Huawei In Control of UK Net Filters

Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM

UK to review involvement of Huawei in Oxfordshire cybersecurity centre, as firm denies spying claims

Britain to review Huawei's UK-based cyber center

Former US Spy Chief Says Huawei Spies For China

Why Xi Jinping's 'Anti-Corruption Campaign' Is Hollow, Unserious, and Ultimately Doomed

Slaying of watermelon seller triggers fresh anger in China

Vigil at Chinese Embassy Marks 14 Years of Persecution

Persecution of Falun Gong Continues Unabated

Party Official, Undercover, Publishes Book on Tibet

Faith and human rights groups join in condemning Chinese regime’s human rights abuses

China’s salami-slice strategy

Japan Alarmed By China’s Air and Naval Surveillance

China Coast Guard ships confront Japanese cutters

Dark days for China and the Philippines

PLA Navy to Begin First Strategic Missile Submarine Patrols Next Year

US Should Take Lead Against Organ Harvesting in China, Says Doctor

Will U.S. Face Trade Sanctions for Anti-Smoking Law?

Obama Administration Stands Firm on ‘Dolphin-Safe’ Tuna Labels; Will the WTO Authorize Trade Sanctions?

Is Economics a Science or a Religion?

There’s nothing partisan about disclosure of political spending

Corporations Express Fear of Democracy

What the Prince of Cambridge can teach the United States about the benefits of a single payer health care system

Expert: Cuba could hit U.S. with EMP death blow

Panama finds MiG fighter jets on North Korean arms ship

Mike Rogers: China, Iran, and Russia Launching Cyber Attacks Against U.S.

Russia opposition leader freed on bail, protests rattle Kremlin

Russia's top lawyers sound alarm about government abuse of the Constitution

Egypt starts amending constitution despite political divisions

New Egyptian PM seeks dialogue, end to divisions

Islamist-Kurdish fighting spreads in rebel-held Syria

Water Crisis in the Middle East

Kitimat ocean program set for oil tankers

‘Nobody understands’ spills at Alberta oil sands operation

Thursday, July 18, 2013

World War Z, Hollywood Latest Sell Out to China

Taiwan Rehearses for Communist Chinese Invasion

Hong Kong Residents Defend Falun Gong From Harassment

People think this through,
What if a member of your family or someone you knew was a falun gong practitioner?
What if a member of your family or someone you knew was an anti-corruption activist?
Making it your policy to arrest members of the community for their beliefs is an unacceptable policy for any party wishing to present themselves as a legitimate ruling party. The persecution of peaceful members of the community who are simply trying to contribute to a better world is unacceptable.
When a political culture becomes so partisan to the point where pragmatic relaxed good governance turns to a wasteful struggle over "power", then the community should expect undesirable results.
Obviously, no one in their right mind would want the communist party to rule their community because no one in their right mind would want to be abused by a totalitarian regime.
Even if you don't care about politics, you probably would care if a regime came after members of the community. What the world needs is virtue, people virtuous enough not to abuse power, to only use it to inspire people to achieve good things. People must abandon partisanship if we are to confront the monumental challenges of our time, the situation demands it. Extremism is a mental illness.
I'm asking you, all of you, to put aside the selfish quest for power and focus on accomplishing what needs to be done. This is not about any one of us, this is not even about our era and how it unfolds. This is about a long term change in consciousness achieved through deep thought and meditation that will bring an end to political violence.           

The struggle for the human soul is greater than any of us.

Chinese Anti-Corruption Rights Activist Detained

The methods and patterns of behavior employed by the communist party are immoral and should not be enabled in any way.

Glaxo and the peril of doing business in China

Inside the Ring: New naval harassment in Asia

Trident downgrade would leave Britain vulnerable to nuclear attack

Indefensible Policies: Our Commander-in-Chief Retreats As Putin's Missile Programs Advance

Global threat to food supply as water wells dry up

Brian Stewart: Egypt's other existential crisis — the Nile

Syrian Unrest Could Have Broad Geopolitical Impact

Military Cooperation Between Cuba, North Korea Revealed

Russia jails top opposition leader; Putin denounced as dictator

Chinese Hackers Dropbox Their Viruses

Body Worlds Challenged to Provide DNA

PMO asked staff to supply 'enemy' lists to new ministers

Plot to bribe unhappy aide involved in ethnic vote scandal

Report on BC Rail legal bills delayed

Saturday, July 13, 2013

China Has World’s Most Active Missile Programs

China Has World’s Most Active Missile Programs

Abe criticizes China for trying to change status quo by force

Chinese general: Philippines stirs trouble for asking US help

Chinese Patrol Boards, Damages Vietnamese Trawlers: Captain

China-Japan Tensions Flare Again

Japan says faces increasing threats from China, North Korea

Dangerous military actions of China, North Korea must be contained

Chinese police open fire on Tibetan monks: group

Judge Says: As Early as 1980s, Organs Were Harvested in China

In Communist China, Shortwave is a Window to the World

U.S.-China Like A ‘Married Couple,’ Says Chinese Official

U.S. family tries living without China

NY Senator Calls on MTA to Avoid Chinese Steel

MPs, Senators defend right to sit on corporate boards

Doc about whipped BC MLAs now free to view online

4 Bogus Claims About Why Walmart Can’t Pay A Living Wage

Tell Your Representative to Support the Safe Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Act

Public Citizen publishes “road map” for states to move toward single-payer health

Another company leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the organization’s environmental

Binge-Drinking Impairs Brain: New Study

Russia convicts lawyer Magnitsky in posthumous trial

Russian Military Woos Young Computer Programmers for new cyber project

Iran’s Water Crisis

Tracking Pakistan’s nukes to Saudi Arabia?

Graphic: Saudi Arabia's missile base 'with launch pads aimed at Israel and Iran'

Seven peacekeepers killed in Sudan's Darfur region

Madagascar villagers accuse army of mass killings

The Middle-Class Revolution

Overthrow of Egypt's Brotherhood sends Islamists across the Mideast scrambling

Further destabilisation in the Middle East possible according to new report

Saturday, July 6, 2013

God and Democracy

God and Democracy

Philosophy is the anti-thesis of ideology. The true philosopher has no pride, no sense of self. The philosopher is king and always will be, as the conceptual limits of our world are often set by men who have been dead for hundreds or thousands of years. The mighty emperor is governed by his ability to perceive the world around him, and his perception is informed by the will and words of the philosopher.

In Egypt, the birthplace of civilization, we witness an illustration of contrast that hopefully will give birth to new understanding. We must first suspend judgement if we are to understand.
There are two opposing forces vying for control of Egypt. Backers of the establishment of an Islamic state believe that man should be governed by Gods will as interpreted by the Koran. Backers of the establishment of a constitutional democracy believe that it is gods will that man should be governed by reason.

This distinction is crucial to understanding what democracy is. Democracy is not about the imposition of Karl Marx, Milton Friedman, or any other version of God. Democracy is rule by reason, rule by philosophy. Democracy is not a dictatorship of the proletariat. Democracy is not a dictatorship of the market. Democracy is not a dictatorship of the Koran. Democracy is not about self it is about truth.

The two faces of ego are ideology and greed. These are manifested when men seek control of the state to impose what they believe without the support of reason, and when men seek control of the state to accumulate wealth and power as an end in and of itself. A cynic would say that the two faces of ego are the only paths history will take, but there is a third way out and its democracy.

Democracy is when people come together and solve issues based on reason. The central word here is reason. Decision making is not allocated based on social status, money, or party monopoly. The objective of democracy is not to “win” what you want or to crush your “opponent”. In a pure democracy you have no opposition and there are no winners or losers. In a pure democracy all you have is people working together. That doesn't mean they will always agree on everything it just means that they will approach governance from the perspective that it is not about them.

The fundamental misunderstanding of the Chinese Communists is the perception that reason is just a tool of power. In their mind everything is war, a political struggle for ideological dominance. They will spend considerable resources constructing ideological arguments in order to manufacture perceptions that advance their interests. Truth can not be manufactured, only perceptions. True reason will stand alone apart from interest.

How ought we as human souls reconcile the truth of our connection? Democracy is the answer to this question. It conceptually nurtures compassion and starves ego. Our duty is to recognize the others as we would ourselves and pursue the public interest based on informed and well reasoned dialogue. The failure of modern liberal states in a global context is not a failure of democracy, it is an example of what happens when people forget what democracy is.

If we are to look to God for answers we should look to him as the original financial advisor. When Jesus Christ said love one another, he implicitly said that if we do not follow that commandment than we will all end up poor, dead or both. Without people there is no wealth, it is a concept within us. If people do not follow the financial advise of God there will be poverty and social problems. Loyalty to your wife and family, respect for others, forgiveness and compassion are the recipe for a better society. God should be a cultural compass that leads to comprehensive wealth, not a system of governance.

As a rejection of ego, democracy is the only option we have that respects people and principal above ideology and greed.

Democracy is the next evolutionary step in human awareness, but there is no guarantee that human society will progress. Democracy is a seedling threatened from all sides by the weeds of selfishness. Totalitarianism lives, and so long as it does it plots to stamp out any alternative to it's authority.

We must defend democracy from the well organized infiltration of communist totalitarian forces enabled by a corrupt and incompetent capitalist class. Our freedom will only be preserved by the actions of brave souls who take it upon themselves to carry the legacy of our forefathers. The people will be preserved and strengthened within the house of the lord. Amen.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Prescription for what ails Democracy

What I Would Change About Politics in Canada
Elizabeth May

Democracy is, as Winston Churchill once quipped, the worst system of government, except all the others that have been tried.

He also, less famously said, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter,” but I don’t think the average voter is our problem in Canada. And I do think we’ve got a problem.

The symptoms of the problem are easy to spot — low voter turnout, with worryingly low levels among young people with no sign they will start voting once they are over 30, a less than vital Fourth Estate, undermined by an alarming level of concentration of media ownership in very few hands, public apathy, indifference bordering on antipathy toward the whole process, excessive power in the hands of the few (or the one, since I refer to PMO), a loss of respect for the fundamental principle of the supremacy of Parliament, misuse of the talents of Members of Parliament of the large parties as MPs are expected to toe the party line on every issue, big and small, and its flip-side, excessive control by the un-elected top party brass in all three main parties.

Add to this, that the average voter in Canada — if anyone can be called “average” — is incensed by the goings on related to the excessive claims of certain Senators and the outrageous accommodation for Senator Duffy by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff cutting him a cheque for $90,000 so he could make it seem he had personally paid back what he took through inappropriate means. The fact of a $90,000 cheque from the Prime Minister’s top ranking staff member and closest confidante remains just simply stunning. It was, on its face, illegal. It makes no sense and no sensible explanation has been offered.

So, what could we change to restore the kind of healthy democracy that would re-engage voters, stop the growth in public cynicism and give Canadians a system — and individual politicians –they could believe in?

Here’s a short prescription for what ails our democracy:
    1. Get rid of “first past the post” and elect MPs, as is done in most modern democracies, by some form of proportional representation. Make sure every vote counts so voters feel the impact of their vote. Thanks to first past the post, in 2011, a minority of voters elected a majority government. Such “false majorities,” as University of Toronto Prof. Emeritus Peter Russell has dubbed them, have occurred for Liberals as well as Progressive Conservative and now Conservative governments. Such results are only possible due to First past the post.
    2. Reduce the powers of the Prime Minister’s Office — regardless of who is the occupant. It is an invention, not mentioned in our Constitution. Its powers and budget are unchecked and unaccountable. It is now at $10 million/year. Cut it in half to $5 million…or cut it more. Its total power in times of majority Parliament is anti-democratic, especially in a situation of a “false majority.” Cut the power of PMO. Restore a healthier Cabinet system of government.
    3. Restore a respected, professional civil service. Return to evidence-based decision making. Rebuild the wall between the PMO and the PCO (Privy Council Office). Only under PM Harper have the political operatives in PMO run roughshod over the civil service, contaminating government information with partisan spin. This must be stopped.
    4. Pass legislation that deals with concentration of media ownership to encourage the rebirth of local journalism and reduce the powers of a handful of owners (our current legislation dealing with competition in the news media fails to deal with this issue and only addresses issues of the price of media products.)
    5. Restore respect for the supremacy of Parliament. Ensure that the control of the public purse is restored to Parliament, where it belongs.
    6. Remove the power of leaders of federal parties to sign the nomination forms for their party’s candidates. Allow the caucus members of parties the right to trigger leadership reviews.
    7. Senate reform — open conversations and negotiations with provinces. Is abolition possible? Could a council of the federation with more effective representation from municipalities, provinces and territories bring something useful to Parliament?
    8. And perhaps most important of all — re-assert the constitutional requirement that MPs are elected to represent their constituents, not to be mere ciphers of the back-room hyper-partisan spin doctors who call the shots.

Bring back Westminster parliamentary democracy. All our rules say we have one; only our political habits tell us we are moving toward an elected dictatorship. This prescription to restore and heal democracy can only be filled when the citizens of Canada demand it.
Canada Day 2013 is a good time to start.

Originally published in the Huffington Post.

Half of voters don't see Harper Conservatives as an option

Activists, indigenous people plan healing walk in 'sick' tar sands landscape

BC government bodies spent $18.8 million on carbon offset scam in 2012

'No more beards!' Egypt celebrates arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader as army hunts THREE HUNDRED followers of deposed president Morsi
^The military in this instance has acted in defense of democracy. No corrupt political party should be allowed to wield too much power over the people. Political parties are anti-democratic in that they are small groups of organized conspirators who seek to impose their absolute power. Democracy is not about going out to vote for a new dictator every few years, it is a process that is meant to happen all the time. The military and associated security apparatus has a role, it must protect a nation from the corruption of weak "leaders". Take the rise of Hitler as a prime example of how politicians can cause real damage to democratic societies. Hitler was democratically elected but after election he proceeded to dismantle German democracy and violate the human rights of German citizens. The German military should have intervened in the 1930's to protect German democracy. There were plans among the officers to do just that but unfortunately none succeeded. The point is that democracy is not just about elections, it is a process, a state of existence that respects people. My concern is that people from countries without cultural knowledge of what democracy is must have many misconceptions about what it looks like. Even in countries with strong democratic traditions much of the population is unaware of the philosophical origins of the modern world. If you set up a system where a radical segment of the population imposes their agenda on everyone else, that is not democracy. Even if you hold a vote every few years, the winners of the vote still must respect everyone's rights. Democracy is not meant to be about winning power over others, it is about bringing everyone together and finding solutions. I am disgusted that the competing mainstream parties take every opportunity to spout off spin and talking points every time they are granted access to the media. They are all fighting over the opportunity to form a "majority" so they can impose the agendas of their backers. The constant partisan messaging is an exhibition the profound immaturity and ignorance of our politicians. This is in sharp contrast to our brave members of the military who volunteer to risk their lives in service to god and country. I trust our generals more than I do our emperors. Men of honour in the tradition of Roméo Antonius Dallaire and Maximus Decimus Meridius are more trustworthy than most politicians. Just because someone "wins" an "election" it does not mean they are acting democratically or that democracy is healthy and on the right track. Some states have ruling political parties that control the media and arrest dissenters. Some states have ruling corporations and business elites who dominate the political process with money. Just because a vote occurs, it does not necessarily mean that democracy is happening. Democracy is more like a goal on the horizon that we continually chart a course for through reform and reconciliation. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot to be grateful for, our politicians are much better that the thugs of the completely corrupt and evil Chinese Communist party, but there are systemic and cultural issues that need to be resolved if we are to have any hope of dealing with the deteriorating economic and security conditions. We need leaders to put aside themselves, to put aside all sense of self. We must transcend crisis, history, and division to accomplish the preservation of our ideals. Hear me, I am speaking to you. You must make the dream a reality. You, in whatever capacity you serve, must do everything within your power to build our future. You must transcend your"self", and make "us" possible.                       

Obama Poking Holes in America’s Nuclear Umbrella

Why Countries Build Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century

Sequester Effect: Army Undergoing Massive Restructuring, Includes Cutting Brigades

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Iran conducts test of new rocket motor with ICBM capability

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Russia deploying new missile defense radar while seeking curbs on U.S. Defenses

SCHNEIDER: Russia’s arms-control violations

Chinese general warns India

China media warns Philippines of 'counterstrike' in South China Sea

Four Chinese ships in disputed waters: Japan

Japan has 'serious concern' about China drilling rig

Chinese military in S.China Sea threatens peace

Both the Philippines and Japan are conducting military drills with the US

Revealed: Iran’s secret nuke deal with China, N. Korea

Missouri vetoes raise questions for Smithfield-China deal

Thousands March For Democracy and Autonomy In Hong Kong

Case of Tang Hui, A Petitioning Chinese Mother, Highlights Labor Camp System

Chinese Police Are Regime’s Violence Machine, Says Official in Viral Video

China’s West Erupts in Violence 2nd Time in 3 Days

New Tunisian protest movement takes cue from Egypt

Blue Helmets hurt in Darfur ambush: top peacekeeper

Friday, June 21, 2013

Social Media in China Is ‘War,’ Says Communist Official

Social Media in China Is ‘War,’ Says Communist Official

" Li gives a sobering response: “Psychological warfare, legal warfare, and public opinion warfare are all important tools for modern warfighting. Doing battle on microblogs is also within the ‘three warfares’ category.” "

" The Chinese Communist Party is known to carry out an intensive and intricate policy of Internet surveillance and censorship; as well as deleting posts, the regime also hires an untold number of online commentators, called the “50 cent party,” (for the amount they’re putatively paid per post) whose job it is to steer public opinion. "

Communist Party members seem to be suffering a mental illness. Why do communist party members insist on trying to impose totalitarianism on the globe? So much effort to load every comment board with communist propaganda all because they are so determined to try and control public opinion, all so they can impose a system of dictatorship that will only lead to more human suffering.

Message to communist party thugs, nothing good will come of being an extremist, nothing good will come of trying to eliminate your "opposition". If you were enlightened you would understand that the members of the community that disagree with you are not your enemy. Constitutionally protected human rights and democratic governance are social innovations that create tremendous value for society. When you abandon totalitarianism you allow intellectuals to contribute to the betterment of us all.

If people like Hitler, Stalin and Mao had not embraced such madness, think of how much better we would all be better off today. What is the point of all this? What do these madmen hope to accomplish? Where do we want to be as a world? I'm willing to bet most of us, down at the peasant level, want to love one another. How can that be accomplished if the communist party policy is to put so many resources into stamping out dissent? Why resist constitutionally protected human rights for all citizens? If you want to serve the people then you must end the violence against the people, and this can only be accomplished if they have human rights protected by the constitution? This is not a "Western idea", its just an idea. An idea can not be assigned an identity. To deny an idea based upon the "identity" of the creator is the definition of insanity.

If you want to serve the people, you must become a better human being.
End political repression now. Tear down this wall.
The cost of lost human potential is the price of political repression.          

Compassion is Sanity.

In China, When Police Brutality Is So Common An Off-Duty Officer Gets A Taste

Edward Snowden-the Spy Who Loved Me

Snowden’s Disclosures Tar US With Beijing’s Brush
Accusations suggest false moral equivalence

I don't like this brave new world any more than you do, but the reality is if America would disarm its Signals Intelligence it would not make a dam difference for your privacy since China would still be running its own versions of "PRISM". This capability is a lot like nuclear weapons, if one party unilaterally disarms it only creates incentive for conflict to occur.
If Edward Snowden really wanted to protect us from an architecture of oppression why would he defect to Communist China? This looks like a carefully orchestrated phy-op.
Why defect to a completely controlled police state so you can lecture the world on police states?
Of course the privacy issues raised by Snowden are fair comment in a democratic society, but this entire scenario looks completely staged.
Signals intelligence, with proper checks and balances, is a tool that could be used for good or evil.
These are strange times, the world needs good people, so do all you can to make it good.
While America badly needs reform, Americans still have a lot of freedom that people in China don't have. It just doesn't seem to promote the cause of freedom for Snowden to become a propaganda instrument of the Chinese regime. The Snowden case looks like a highly successful and well thought out/carefully planned "public opinion warfare" operation.     

Chen Guangcheng says China Pressured NYU to Kick Him Out

Beijing’s Aggressive New Foreign Policy and Implications for the South China Sea

Second Thomas Shoal Likely the Next Flashpoint in the South China Sea

China’s Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities

Syrian civil war 'dress rehearsal' for world war?

Russia says it will fulfill Syria missile system contract

Treason: Obama wants to cut US nuclear weapons by a third

Defense cuts 'hollowing out' European armies: U.S. envoy

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A look inside the BC government's PR department

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