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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

Language and Logic

Sunday, April 28, 2013

UBC trains Chinese officials how Canada Government works

The elite school many Canadians can't afford to go to rolls out the red carpet for Communist party officials to be given a world class education in how to work the Canadian government. Odds are this will be the most under reported story of the year. No major mainstream coverage.

UBC trains Chinese officials how to work Canada Government
" The University of B.C. will soon become a temporary home to about 125 Chinese civil servants looking to learn as much as possible about the Canadian political system and public policy. "

Sauder to train Chinese bureaucrats in public policy
" UBC has finalized a deal for Chinese government officials to come to the university and take summer classes for the next five years. "

China’s stealth wars of acquisition
" Since the Mao Zedong era, China has adhered to ancient theorist Sun Tzu’s advice: “The ability to subdue the enemy without any battle is the ultimate reflection of the most supreme strategy.”

This approach involves taking an adversary by surprise by exploiting its weaknesses and seizing an opportunistic timing, as well as camouflaging offense as defense. As Sun Tzu said, “All warfare is based on deception.” Only when a war by stealth cannot achieve the sought objectives should an overt war be unleashed. "

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is fighting for the right of oil, gas and mining corporations to keep payments to foreign governments secret
Industry lobbies for right to bribe corrupt officials.

Global Civil Society Expresses Rejection of the Report, “The Future of Trade: The Challenges of Convergence”

Our World is Not For Sale
" The “Our World is not for Sale” (OWINFS) network is a loose grouping of organizations, activists and social movements worldwide fighting the current model of corporate globalization embodied in global trading system. OWINFS is committed to a sustainable, socially just, democratic and accountable multilateral trading system. "

This Workers’ Memorial Day, “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living” 
(Mother Jones, 1925)

SEC commissioner, others call for SEC to protect investors from forced arbitration

Charles Schwab Corporation responds to Public Citizen petition

Digital currency dealers grapple with big banks and murky financial rules