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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

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Friday, March 15, 2013

‪Nazi Germany vs Communist China‬

Chinese rampage in South Korea hotel against Tibetan for Speaking out

‪納粹德國 vs 共產中國 Nazi Germany vs Communist China‬

Recent cyberattacks part of Chinese military strategy started more than 20 years ago
“Unrestricted Warfare,” detailing a concept they describe as “warfare which transcends all boundaries and limits.”

"We believe that some morning people will awake to discover with surprise that quite a few gentle and kind things have begun to have offensive and lethal characteristics."

"Here are some examples (among many) of the sorts of “unrestricted warfare”: resources warfare (grabbing riches by plundering stores of resources); cultural warfare (leading cultural trends along in order to assimilate those with different views); and international law warfare (seizing the earliest opportunity to set up regulations)…."

By the Chinese definition of "Unrestricted Warfare" it's clear they are waging war on us.

China Hacks India’s Defense Ministry
"Thousands of confidential government files were compromised, such as Indian state security intelligence, and information on surface-to-air missile and radar programs from the Defense Research and Development Laboratory."

Strategic commander worried about cyber attacks on nuclear command and control
"Alexander said he is also worried about the commercial electric power and communications grids as a “source of concern” by foreign powers seeking to conduct cyber attacks against U.S. nuclear forces."

Cyber and nuclear attack greater threat than terrorism ever was
"Asked to imagine a worst-case scenario cyber-attack on the US, General Alexander said a software failure across the US could knock out power networks for an extended period throughout the country, and cause more damage and disruption than the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York."

Chaos from the Sky: Why the EMP Threat Is Real

China plans to send a land survey team to disputed Senkaku Islands

Japan eyes defense ties with Southeast Asia amid Chinese Expansionism

Mainland China military buildup targets Taiwan
"For the past few years, the PLA has been conducting military exercises which focus on the scenario of taking an island should possible military conflict occur, the QDR also said."

Chinese Banks Hide Slush Funds for North Korea’s Kim Jong-un
"Dozens of Chinese bank accounts holding hundreds of millions of dollars have been linked with Kim Jong-un, leader of the communist regime in North Korea."

DNI says new N. Korean missile being fielded

Russian government says N. Korean nuclear test used plutonium and was larger than earlier blasts

China's Drone Swarms Rise

Human rights group names almost 20,000 involved in persecuting Falun Gong
"Falun Gong is a spiritual practice based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. It became a target for persecution in 1999, after former regime leader Jiang Zemin became afraid of how attractive the teachings of Falun Gong were to the Chinese people. Jiang Zemin saw Falun Gong as a challenge to the Party’s attempt to control how people in China think. "

Police and Villagers Clash in Guangdong Land Dispute

Iran and Hezbollah 'have built 50,000-strong force to help Syrian regime', Assad reported to be preparing chemical weapons