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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Harper government, Chinese firms lose in court

With everything thats going on, we need to take a moment and focus on the positive. Imagine a world where everyone had human rights, where everyone was protected from corrupt officials and the psychopathic violence of the global elite. Where we all had improved more representative local democracy. Where corporations served the state instead of the state serving corporate interests. Imagine a world where we were free to live and love one another without struggle against the forces of globalist imperialism. That world is what we stand for. A world where people are good to each other. That is why we must stop the global expansion of communist China. It is a force of gangsterism and rule by the power of the gun. It's tentacles conspire to undermine our democracy, and it is the free people of the earth that must mount the final defence of humanity. Never before have the forces of good faced such a powerful evil. Throughout the 20th century Democracy confronted the Nazi threat and the Soviet threat, and we prevailed. Our forefathers liberated the beaches of Normandy, don't let their sacrifice be made in vain. Now we face the 21st century totalitarian's, we will prevail. If we want to preserve the tradition of political peace, than we must resolve to defend democracy with total commitment. We will never accept the aggression of the Chinese Communist Empire.

Our struggle is for the establishment of world political compassion. And it will be established through self determination, protection of human rights, and overwhelming defensive capabilities. With commitment, the forces of Freedom will never be overrun. With every act of aggression committed against our nation, the people further awaken. The act of sacrifice is to make sacred. Let every hour be one of commitment to Canada, our village, our family.

Harper government, Chinese mining firms lose in court

" The Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development has until Jan. 21 to produce the documents, otherwise the union could proceed with a contempt of court order against Minister Diane Finley. "

Did you hear the government's argument? We have no power over Chinese companies operating on Canadian soil.
Did you hear the Chinese Company's argument? We are not legally compelled to abide by Canadian court orders.
Glad to hear the Judge wasn't bribed this time.

Harper Gov't Asks Court to Rule It Powerless on Key Chinese Miner Issue

" In December, a Federal Court judge ordered the Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development to hand over all documents related to the permits to the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 114 and the Construction and Specialized Workers Union Local 1611.

But some of the documents -- such a resumes of Canadian workers who applied to work at the project -- are still held by HD Mining and the company refuses to give them to the government.

Now the HRSDC Ministry is in court arguing it has no control over the documents, despite sending three letters to the company demanding they be released last month.

"I have been instructed to let you know that HD Mining does not intend to provide to the Minister any of the HD Mining documents that Justice Campbell is asking the Minister to produce, unless and to the extent you are able to provide some legal basis to compel those documents from the company,"

"This is a matter that goes well beyond this present case and is of concern to the company for its long‐term plans." "

What long term plans is the company speaking of? Why would complying with Canadian government regulation and laws be of concern to the companies long term plans?

How about we make our own long term plans, starting with reclaiming our country from communist aggression. True North Strong and Free.

As Tibet burns, China makes arrests, seizes TVs

Canada-China Trade Deal and the Lack of Voter Mechanisms

TransCanada to build $5-billion shale gas pipeline project near Prince Rupert

 " Progress is proposing to build a facility on Lelu Island near Prince Rupert, B.C., where natural gas will be chilled into a liquid state, enabling it to be shipped to lucrative markets across the Pacific by tanker.

With backing from Petronas, the Prince Rupert LNG terminal will be 60 per cent larger than it would have been if the takeover had been blocked.

The LNG facility is expected to include two plants capable of processing six million tonnes of gas annually. "

Calgary fundraiser for BC Liberals to support tar sands agenda

" More than 100 business elites are expected to attend a private fundraiser Thursday night for Christy Clark's B.C. Liberals -- in Calgary. "

How Alberta Will Fight Fracking Folk Hero Jessica Ernst

" Alberta's main oil and gas regulator will argue in an Alberta court this Friday that it owes "no duty of care" to protect groundwater from hydraulic fracturing and that a regulator can violate the basic rights of citizens if it regards them as an "eco-terrorist." "

So if you are opposed to foreign companies ruining your water supply and slapping your country in the face while they steal the resources, you are now branded an "eco-terrorist".

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Northern Gateway hearings in Vancouver greeted by thousands of protesters

" The nationwide Idle No More movement merged with ongoing protests against oil pipeline projects proposed for British Columbia, to bring more than a thousand protesters out to greet the federal review panel conducting hearings in Vancouver. "

Cry for new environment laws unites Idle No More and chiefs, but not Ottawa

" At issue are two huge and complicated pieces of legislation stemming from last year's budget, of which more efficient natural resource extraction was the centrepiece.
Bill C-38, which passed in June, completely overhauls Canada's environmental assessment law, redefines protections for fish and gives the federal cabinet new decision-making powers on resource development.

C-45, the second omnibus budget bill, received royal assent in December. It overhauls protections of waterways by dramatically changing the Navigable Waters Act, as well as changing the Fisheries Act and the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act.

"Is this the appropriate thing to do for the economy at the expense of future generations?"

"We want to have a source of clean drinking water." "

Idle No More Explained

Idle No More is a grass roots movement sparked by Steven Harpers Bill C-45 Omnibus bill that removes protection for Canadian Waterways and makes it easier for Chinese Government directed companies to take over Canadian Resources.

Bill C 45- Fed Govt: More Control Over Reserves: Violations of Rights

"C-45 would bring significant changes to the Indian Act, including changes to land management on reserves which will make it easier for the federal government to control reserve land and reducing the protection of millions of lakes and rivers. In all it’s another bill to control land and control water perpatuating Agenda 21. "

Idle No More has two clear objectives:

Respect of Indigenous sovereignty / Self government for native "Indian" tribal lands
Protection of the land and water / prevention of irresponsible resource extraction

If the objectives of the movement are met another layer of protection would be added to defend Canada from Chinese Communist Corporate takeovers, as consultation with Native's would be required before projects would go through. Seeing as how many native communities are against these resource projects, proposals such as the much hated Enbridge Pipeline would grind to a halt. That is why Patriotic Canadians across the country have embraced the Idle No More movement. Patriots will never tolerate resource giveaways to the hostile regime in Beijing.

This photo has been seen in some mainstream reports, none say anything about the China resource giveaways or opposition to them. I have seen this image in two national news reports and not one word about the Chinese flag. With all the reporters surrounding this guy no one asked or reported.

Series of Suspicious incidents, media largely silent

Health ministry employee made complaint that led to firings

"In March 2012, the Auditor General was anonymously notified about a range of alleged activities within the Pharmaceutical Services Division of the Ministry of Health," the report said. "The information raised questions about compliance with legal and government policy requirements, as well as with good contracting practices."

Auditor General John Doyle's office started an investigation to "validate basic facts and determine whether further work was warranted" and has remained involved as the ministry did its own investigation, it said. "When the whistleblower(s) subsequently came forward (voluntarily), the Auditor General required the party to provide information, in keeping with section 16 of the Auditor General Act." ”

BC committee seeking to replace auditor general John Doyle

“ British Columbia auditor general John Doyle -- whose investigations into payments related to the BC Rail corruption trial and other allegations of financial mismanagement have routinely embarrassed the governing Liberals -- will be replaced after a legislative committee declined to reappoint him. ”

Fired Health Ministry Worker Found Dead

“Roderick MacIsaac, 46 years old, was a PhD student in the University of Victoria's school of public administration. He was on a work term at the health ministry when he and others were fired as part of an investigation Minister Margaret MacDiarmid has said involved inappropriate data sharing, contracts and undeclared potential conflicts of interest.

"They observed some elements that appeared to be of a suspicious nature," he said. The officers called in detectives who investigated but found "there was no apparent foul play" and the file was returned to the coroner's service, he said.

He said he could not provide details about why the death was suspicious.

MacIsaac's research involved assessing the government's smoking cessation program. In Sept. 2011, fulfilling a leadership campaign promise Christy Clark made, the government began paying for prescription drugs and nicotine replacement therapies aimed at helping people stop smoking.

The drugs include Champix, a Pfizer product that in 2008 and 2009 was the subject of safety warnings from the United States Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. ”

Champix ? A drug with a history of making patients lose control, go on violent rampages. It's victims include a recent Canadian forces member who committed suicide after taking the drug. 

Health Canada tight-lipped on Champix suicides

“ Since then, Champix has been linked to nearly 450 serious cases of these same side effects, more than 80 of which ended in hospitalization or disability. 24 suicides.
The Star doesn’t know what happened after patients stopped taking Champix in the roughly 450 reported cases of suicidal ideation, depression and aggression since the beginning of 2008 because Health Canada is keeping the information secret, refusing to disclose it. ”

The only major coverage received was about this.

B.C. mailing notices to 38,000 people affected by medical breach

"The personal-health data of more than five million British Columbians has been accessed without proper authorization"

So why is no journalist investigating the rest of the story?

The man who stopped SOPA, protected sites like this from being blocked. Resist Globalism.

Aaron Swartz, Coder and Activist, Dead at 26

"Among countless causes, he worked with Larry Lessig at the launch of the Creative Commons, architected the Internet Archive’s free public catalog of books,, and in 2010 founded Demand Progress, a non-profit group that helped drive successful grassroots opposition to SOPA last year. "

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz dies at 26

"was to go on trial on accusations that he stole millions of journal articles from an electronic archive in an attempt to make them freely available. If convicted, he faced decades in prison and a fortune in fines. "

Corrupt officials bring us closer to communist style oppression. They reduce our nuclear forces and try to take our guns, while factions are turned on the people to support the imperialist occupation. All while the enemy prepares it's forces for war.

Big brother, dirty tricks: The “back-story”

" According to my source within the DHS, Mr. Jones was not only the subject of a covert surveillance, but the target of an over surveillance and a special operation "

The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out – Here Are 60 Facts That Prove It. All due to failed globalist policies, outsourcing, and an outdated neo-liberal ideology.

Shipyard union wants government to quash offshore SeaBus building contract

"Angered by the loss of jobs to foreign firms and economic spinoffs in the millions, the B.C. Shipyard Workers’ Federation has called on the provincial and federal governments to quash a TransLink decision to award a Dutch company a lucrative SeaBus building contract. "

Chinese Generals Call For War With Just About Everyone

China’s Military Living in “Parallel Universe” – Ford

“My dealings with PLA officials at the Xiangshan Forum, however, suggest a possible (and more interesting) alternative explanation. Beijing’s various idiosyncrasies in these regards may be, in meaningful part, the relatively coherent and consistent outgrowths of a conceptual framework – an Information Age twist, if you will, on much older themes of Sinocentric moralism – in which the emerging Chinese superpower hungers to control other peoples’ narrative of China.”
“To be sure, perhaps I am reading too much into a few days’ discussions. On the other hand, perhaps these encounters at the 4th Xiangshan Forum really do offer insight into an idiosyncratic Chinese approach to global order, highlighting a sort of politico-moral imperialism that has few obvious precedents outside the historical Sinosphere. Chinese leaders appear to be strongly invested in other countries’ narratives of China – seeing this as critical terrain for international competition (i.e., advantage or vulnerability) – and they seem to claim the right to control everyone else’s interpretations. If this is so, there may be important policy implications for the United States, and for China’s increasingly nervous neighbors, both about what to expect from Beijing in the years ahead, and about additional ways in which we might perhaps be able to develop effective competitive strategies vis-à-vis the PRC.”

The words of Maj. Gen. Luo Yuan, deputy secretary general of the China Military Science Society (CMSS) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)

“public opinion presence” = trying to infiltrate our media, politics, control the message
Guess who holds the most expensive lobbyists on retainer in Washington, the communists.

Chinese Military Instructed to ‘Prepare For War’ With Japan

China Warns Citizens To 'Prepare For The Worst' As It Sends Fighters To East China Sea

“No Obvious Reason” Why China Is Stockpiling Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk

World's second nuclear age

War Preparation Indicator

Beijing hardens subways for nuclear, gas attacks

There’s Something in the Water, Say Beijing Water Experts

China’s air pollution goes off the charts

Scientists: China’s soil pollution could be a bigger long-term problem than air or water

In the future they may run out of food and water due to all the self inflicted environmental damage caused by "GDP" growth. New territories are on the minds of the strategists.

And the government wants these communists to develop our resources? Seems all we get is a degraded environment and a stronger better fed rival across the pacific. The public is awakening.
Love your country, take it back, resist communist aggression.