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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

Language and Logic

Friday, December 21, 2012

Industrial Apartheid – How to Stop the New World Order Part 2

Wealth, Nations, and the New World Order 

To become wealthy one must consume less than they produce and invest the excess savings wisely. I'm sure we all know people who just can't seem to figure this out. They spend everything they earn as soon as the cash flows in. Some people even go into debt to finance their irresponsible consumption. Debt is only good if it is used as a tool to finance investments that produce a return, and even then caution should be used to keep debt at a manageable level.

The same principles that apply to individuals apply to nations. A nation can not consume more than it produces and expect to remain a wealthy nation. Nations engage in trade with one another just as individuals do. Goods can be exchanged for three things:

Other Goods (I trade my lumber for your smartphone)

Debt (I promise to pay in the future plus interest for your smartphone)

Assets (I sell my business to you for your smartphone)

If a nation is consuming more than it is producing it must pay through the creation of debts or through the sale of assets. No nation can issue debt forever, as eventually the country will not be able to afford the interest payments. No nation can sell assets forever as every nation only has a limited amount of assets. Our capacity to trade is finite, it is limited to our ability to pay. Therefore the strategy of a leader should be to increase the wealth of the nation, by maintaining stewardship over the balance of trade.

A nations consumption should be regulated, that it not exceed a nations production, unless in times of legitimate crises such as war, where the survival of the nation is at stake. The objective of national wealth is met by the maximization of national ownership over advanced productive assets, and the minimization of national obligations to deliver future payment to foreign creditors. In short, it is the responsibility of our representatives in government to increase our ownership of assets and decrease our debts to foreigners.

We are now living in a New World Order. The Globalists have moved our national productive capacities outside of our boarders. Our economy is made in China, and all the wealth generated that once would have gone to balance our books is now in the hands of a racist Totalitarian Regime. Our corporations are no longer national but “multinational”. They have no loyalty to our national objectives. In fact many times the interests of corporations are in direct conflict with our national interest.

When corporations were first permitted to exist, there was effort taken to ensure that they served the public interest. In exchange for limited liability, a protection to limit the liability of investors to what they invested, investors were meant to serve the public interest. It was an exchange, a transaction between the state and the private investor, legal protection for public service.

This is in sharp contrast to the role of corporations in today's society. Today the corporations have concentrated so much wealth, so much power, that it is often the corporations who now regulate the behaviour of the government.

Multinational corporations will act to maximize corporate wealth regardless of the consequences to our national wealth. Therefore we must bring the corporate interest back into line with the national interest through policy and regulatory instruments.

To become capable, one must be engaged in activities that build capability. One must read write and think to become learned. One must exercise to become strong. Those who do not commit to engaging in these activities will not become learned or strong. Capability is a manifestation of the will to become capable.

The same principles that apply to individuals also apply to nations. National Capability is the aggregate capability of the people of the nation. To create national wealth it is not enough to simply balance the dollar value of trade. The steward must also act to ensure that the people of the nation are employed in advanced activities that improve capability. It is not good for any country to be trapped as a resource colony of another.

The service sector alone does not provide sufficient opportunity for a nations people to reach their fullest capability. Furthermore, economies that are now overly dependant on the non-tradable service sector are not producing value added tradable goods. This leaves two options for a nation, run trade deficits, or massively increase exports of raw materials to pay for all the finished products entering the country.

Both options are bad. Trade deficits mean more debt and asset sell offs. Raw resource exports combined with lack of manufacturing capability mean the nation will become dependent on imports of finished goods. Finished goods that will cost more to the nation than was earned through initial export, forcing an increased extraction of the nations resources just to pay the spiraling cost of value added imports.

Industrial Apartheid is a form of Economic Imperialism where one nation monopolizes manufacturing and captures other nations, making them supply raw resources to the aggressor while prying open the captive nations markets to be flooded with manufactured goods of the aggressor nation. The aggressor nation becomes wealthy off of the captured nations and make every effort to make sure that the captured nations do not gain their Industrial Independence. This is done through the corruption of the ruling class in the captured nation using a cut of the loot taken by the aggressor. The New World Order is Industrial Apartheid.

To stop the New World Order and the Globalists we must rise up as the worlds people and assert our Industrial Independence. We must spawn a new political movement that will bring manufacturing capability back under the control of the people. Every nation has a right to produce. No nation, no people should suffer under the chains of eternal debt slavery.

Our future should be one where democracy and human rights are the property of all human beings. Where every local region has the capacity to offer its people opportunity, because the old NWO manufacturing monopolies were broken. Our future is one where the unholy axis between multinational corporations and the communist party of China is broken, and the will of the people is no longer beholden to the dictates of international trade and investment deals crafted and administered in secret.

These are more than words, these are ideas. These are the dreams and the aspirations of the worlds people. No one really wants to kill or die for the corrupt and powerful. No one wants to live in a world where the people are threatened with violence all to maintain the power of a psychopathic minority. No one wants Industrial Apartheid, so now let us unite in our declaration of Industrial Independence.

This endeavour will require us to elect representatives that will operate according to the principals of Industrial Independence and Democratic Sovereignty. Industrial Independence being the notion that every nation has a right to manufacturing capacity, and Democratic Sovereignty being the right of a nations people to decide their own trade and industrial policies regardless of the dictates of the World Trade Organization or any other international trade and investment deal.

The policies to be adopted will vary from nation to nation but the underlying idea will be the same. Nations should produce at least as much as they consume. Nations have a right to have their own manufacturing industries. Nations have a right to produce their own food and set strict food safety regulations. Nations have a right to refuse foreign takeovers of their productive assets. Ultimate authority rests in the hands of the people of the nation through the process of democracy and not in the corporate boardroom. CEOs must balance the needs of the country with the need for efficiency.

Whenever possible the act of consumption should be taxed over the act of production. We want to create an incentive for people to act responsibly. Nations should have the right to set tariffs, impose non-tariff barriers and even ban imports. Nations should be able to build their grids using components domestically produced or produced in friendly democratic countries. Nations should be able to feed themselves and provide for their defense.

Strategic Industrial policy’s can be crafted by a vetted team of technocratic business strategists, futurists, engineers and scientists whose mandate is to create a long term national strategy to achieve National Capability. A central agency can be created to co-ordinate all branches of government to be in line with the national economic interest. An industry portfolio management division should be created with the mandate of maximizing the number of star and cash cow industries.

We must provide incentives for industries to localize operations. Local start ups should be nurtured in exchange for their long term commitment to localized production, employment and the national interest. Supply chains should be localized. Research and development should at least be 3% of GDP, preferably more.

Education must include courses on how to handle money, business, critical thinking, philosophy, ethics and how to take responsibility for your family and your country. We must commit to building character in our people as they are the strongest tower of our defense.

We should create a National Manufacturing Research and Development Agency whose mandate is to research advanced production techniques to improve the efficiency of our producers. The innovations can be licensed to domestic producers. The objective will be to find advances in areas like new processes, information systems, robotics, advanced materials, energy efficiency, mass customization, waste water management, 3D printing, modularization, continuous flow.

We should consider establishing special economic manufacturing zones in depressed areas with tax advantages and a ready supply of unemployed labour. We should Co-ordinate to activities of our nationally controlled multinationals so they do not cannibalize each others strategic moves.

Core industries must be kept under domestic control including defense, agriculture, energy, health, infrastructure construction, education. The strategic goal of a nation should be to retain National Capability, the ability of a nation to take actions and create its own future free form foreign aggression and manipulation of the democratic process.

Our objectives should include a commitment to keep growth industries in within our jurisdiction, and to not surrender our capacity them to the evils of outsourcing. We invest a lot of resources in developing new projects, only for production of those projects, and thus return on investment, to leave our jurisdiction. This waste must end.

We must put provisions in place to prevent trade deficits from occurring. We must limit foreign ownership of our debts and require retirement plans to invest a percentage in public dept, sweetening the deal by making the required contributions interest tax free.

We should create a national development bank to provide funding for national projects and provide below market rates to patriotic domestic companies acting in the national interest.

Our goal should be to make our nations into leading technological innovators. If all nations are directing resources to this we can tap the human talent pool, and prevent authoritarian regimes from monopolizing technological capability. We should provide organizational assistance to underdeveloped democracies of the world to build relationships with the mutual goal of undermining Industrial Apartheid, and advancing the cause of human rights. We should create an Alliance of Democracies.

Me should maintain focus on the strategic industries of the future, clean energy, next generation information technology, biotechnology, high tech manufacturing, new energy sources, new materials, new energy cars/ transportation methods. We should plan cities to require less transportation infrastructure, mixing living, working, shopping and recreation centers.

Government procurement should be purchased from domestic industries, increasing output, spreading fixed costs over more units and thus lowering cost per unit. We must strategically guard against foreign direct investment by hostile nations.

In order to deal with imbalances there are a number of non-tariff barriers that can be utilized including, import bans, country of origin requirements, protection of sanitary and phytosanitary conditions, product specific quotas, quality condition regulations, packaging and labeling requirements, product standards, trade documents, certificates of origin or certificate of authenticity, health safety regulations, employment laws, import licenses, rules about subsidies or state ownership, rules against export subsidies, minimum import price requirements, import quotas, lengthy customer procedures.

We should regulate the practice of transfer pricing.

Instead of the government going into debt every time they feel they need economic stimulus, government owned limited liability corporations should go into debt and spend on the domestic economy, this way the public has limited liability, debt obligations are compartmentalized and funds are directed in a more targeted manner to undertake specific industrial objectives.

An international media campaign should take the message of Industrial Independence, opportunity, and prosperity directly to the worlds people. Once the electorate is organized and aware the politicians will have a hard time ignoring the will of the people if they want to be elected. No one wants to be a resource colony to a violent totalitarian regime. Preserving our democracy is preserving our prosperity. With every act of oppression directed towards us, the movement will grow.

Money must be taken out of politics. Donations should be limited to citizens only, not organizations, and a limit of some small amount, say $20 max donation per person per year should be put in place. Tax breaks for political donations should be eliminated. Limits should be put on the amount an individual can use of their own money to finance a political campaign. Politicians should not be allowed to hire strategists, communications directors, or campaign managers. This will promote more open dialogue about the issues and remove a lot of spin.

Lobbying should be illegal. If you are a corporation with infinite funds you should not get special access to write the nations laws. Political parties should be less powerful and candidates should not be pressured to vote the same way as their party. The debates should be moderated with clearly set rules stating that the candidates must stick to the issues.

Our political systems must be reformed. As they stand they do not represent the broad will of the people. There are too many barriers to participation, and entire election cycles can pass without any real issues being addressed. People are disengaged because they are sick of this never ending circus. Reforms must be made to ensure we are never led down this path of debt, asset sales and outsourcing ever again. Capitalism in it's current form is at odds with national prosperity.

Our dream is one where people can live and love one another, free from political violence, in functioning democracies that protect the human rights of the people. A world where nations do not consume more than they produce, where industrial production is localized, and the efforts of the worlds nations are focused on innovation funded by localized opportunity centres in every region, fed by the talent and aspirations of the worlds free thinkers.

The way of localized manufacturing is the way we must go for two reasons:

1. Our current trade imbalances are unsustainable both financially and environmentally.

2. If we allow advanced manufacturing production and innovation to be concentrated in the hands of the communist party of China, they will being death and destruction to the worlds people. We must not allow a totalitarian regime who rules by the barrel of the gun to achieve global dominance. The lives of all those who think freely, and the value dialogue brings to society will be lost if power is left to those who have made it their goal to kill everyone who gets in their way of global domination.

Please put away your hatred and realize you are human. Your future is in learning to love those who disagree with you. Your future is in democracy.

Together we will stand for something.
We will make this all mean something.
Together we will end Industrial Apartheid.

Joel McLellan
Pray for us.