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Robert Nicholls

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chinese Ambasador goes on CBC tells Canadians to "shut up"

"We're not here to grab your resources. We're here to participate."

The most arrogant and insulting ambassador I have ever heard has just told CBC's Even Solomon that Canadians concerned about China's activities in Canada should "shut up".

The standard communist party line told to those deemed enemies of the party. As china becomes more powerful it becomes more aggressive, it no longer has to hide it's intentions of world domination.

They once said "bide your time hide your capabilities" now they simply say "shut up".
We are dealing with the polar opposite of the Dalai Lama, the opposite of Christ.
The party only wants control, and they will unleash violence on Canada if we don't keep on our guard. It's only a matter of time. Vote out any politician who supports them. Vote out Harper.   

It's actually kind of funny, the ambassador does not realize how ridiculous he sounds to us.

In this country trying to push people around makes you look like a fool.
Bullies are not respected, they are reviled.

This is Canada, we don't have to shut up.  We don't care how many guns you have.

Some commenters have said Evan Soloman should have slapped him in the face.
I think the ambassador has just slapped his own face more than anyone else ever could.
Some excerpts from the interview:

"we have achieved a great deal in our political reform, people enjoy total freedom"

"it's a standard agreement, that means that the two countries are mature."

"all this talk about so called security concerns"

"they have to... I think.... shut up"

"It's a cold war mentality"

"thank you by by"