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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

Language and Logic

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Criminalizing descent

The point at which descent is criminalized in a country is the point at which its government becomes criminal.

Henley-Putnam University

A nationally recognized educational institution founded by members of the Intelligence community with a mission to: "Serve professionals in the strategic security industry, especially within the law enforcement, military and the intelligence community, by increasing their opportunities for advancement in the fields of intelligence management, counterterrorism and terrorism studies, and strategic security & protection management."

The school hosts free webinars (Lectures) examining terrorist groups, drug cartels, and various other  threats to the security of the United States.

On Wednesday Aug. 15 "Henley-Putnam Examines the Occupy Wall Street Movement"

"Learn about how the movement began as a grassroots political effort in New York City and quickly became a threat to the public safety of many American cities."

A threat to public safety?


Obscure Information we gather like this is important because it reveals two things.
1) The narrative that various interest groups want us to believe.
2) Can reveal what certain people believe, how they think/ their worldview.

Over the course of many years you must gather a lot of information to form a bigger picture of what is going on around you. The men in black call this situational awareness. A clear picture, broad in scope will allow you to operate more effectively.

My concern is that those in power are framing legitimate political discourse as criminal behavior, that requires the all seeing eye of the intelligence agencies. We all saw how misrepresented Occupy was in the corporate press. We are culturally being engineered to accept a big brother society. Recently stories have been circulating the mainstream press expressing the view that not having a Facebook account is a red flag that should be viewed with suspicion.
Some employers and psychologists say staying away from social media is 'suspicious'

Are People Who Don’t Use Facebook Psychopaths?

People Without Facebook Accounts Are 'Suspicious.'

Weather it be the shutdown of the Occupy protests or the Battle in Seattle, we see a recurring pattern of corporate elites using their hired guns (government) to prevent much needed social change. Sure its not as bad on this continent as it is in china...... yet. You have to ask yourself why did the people in charge outsource the economy to china. We all know where this is going, people are catching on and getting restless.

A source informed me that discontent is rising among the Alberta tar-sands workers. Its expressed in the subversive graffiti on the bridges and by the Atlantic accented tongues of the unhappy migrant workers who find themselves living in "The Mack". Their is no love lost between the people who actually do the hard work and those who make it harder. They don't want to build a pipeline to china, they want to refine it here and create jobs for the Canadian people. I suppose the Powers that be will soon deem it necessary to keep an eye on them too. Maybe they already have it covered. It will be hard to portray hardworking oil company employees as lazy irresponsible hippies. Maybe they will just portray the dissenters as dangerous drug addicts.  (Occupy Vancouver Incident)

Who are you more afraid of, a Citizen with Ideas, or the Globalists in your Government.

In the end no matter how they try to spin the story, we all know who the real threat to public safety really is.