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If people no longer expect objectivity from their political and legal systems, then all justice will be reduced to a power struggle between conflicting and irreconcilable perspectives, a struggle in which the most dominant and pervasive bias will replace fair and impartial process as the character of justice. But if objectivity in law and politics is everywhere supplanted by conflict between subjective interests, then the side of economic privilege and established authority will always retain dominance. A society in which people no longer expect representatives of its major institutions even to attempt to render objectivity in their professional demeanours is a society whose major institutions are in a crisis of ethical legitimacy. In such a society, there is wide spread cynicism regarding the possibility of fair political process because it seems impossible that impartial, unbiased dispositions could exist to enact such processes.

Robert Nicholls

Language and Logic

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Organ Harvesting Witness Faces Deportation to China

Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance

Hot political summer as China throttles rare metal supply and claims South China Sea

China Builds Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Base within range of Taiwan, South China Sea

China's Real Estate Bubble Threatens to Burst

Vanity GDP Hurts China’s Living Standard

Parents of China quake victims say they have been threatened by local authorities

Tibetans Reject Quake Plan

Toxic Levels of Manganese Found in Guangdong Tap Water

Babies in China Left Partially Blind After Overdose of Oxygen Experiment

U.S. To Sell Taiwan Two Frigates: Report

Russian wildfires destroy secret naval airbase 2512 Kolomna destroying hundreds of naval aircraft and specialized equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars and years of production.
Some components lost are no longer in production, irreplaceable due to the degradation of the Russian defence sector.

Closed city Sarov, the main nuclear design and production facility in Russia since 1949,
has had it's perimeter breached by the fires advancing towards nuclear arms producing facilities.
(Closed cities were built in soviet times for sensitive military research and production activities. They are completely walled off and isolated from the rest of the the country and house both the scientists and engineers and the facilities they work at along with the local garrison. All movement in and out is controlled by the authorities as to minimize the risk of espionage and provide a barrier to prevent Russian scientists from defecting to the West. Conditions within the closed cities are said to be much better than in the rest of the country.)

Link to Report on Russian Wildfires

Lots of Questions, Few Answers in Lebanon attack

Iran Publishes New Holocaust-Denying Website

Iran's deadly hand in Afghanistan

Arizona Immigration Law Author: Failure to Enforce Law Impeachable Offense